Multi Talents give Hucclecote the Edge


Hucclecote Stars  56   Carol Anne  34


After a good win in the first game of 2018 last week Hucclecote Stars were keen to keep a clean sheet of wins.

Carol Anne had travelled the 2.5 hour journey up the M5 from North Devon to try and set the record straight from an earlier encounter with Stars resulting in a 64/39 defeat.

With the home advantage at Cheltenham College Hucclecote Stars warmed up on court. Still on the side line was a very frustrated Jane Taylor on the road to recovery from injury but ready to stretch her vocal cords in support from the bench, another injury strewn player Becky Lewis was also there nursing a sore shoulder , her injuries seem to all be equine based trying to stay on the four legged animals !!!

Although sore she was still ready to play if needed.

So the starting 7 and bench looked like this :- 

Brooke Vivian GS, Beth Gabriel GA, Helen Hynes WA captain, Felicity Elvidge C, Bryony Smith WD, Lydia Jones GD, Izzy Robinson GK and ready to play reserves Katie Cruickshank and Becky Lewis.

After a late change of umpires due to a broken down vehicle Tracie Hull stepped in so a familiar face was on the side line.

1st quarter was the good old frantic start with everybody running around like headless chickens at times ,using up energy unnecessarily. Never the less each player was finding the oppositions strengths and weaknesses.

Brooke was having a bit of trouble finding her range at GS to start with but got things sorted after a few near misses. Beth had picked up a few rebounds so the score line was not affected too much.

It was at the other end of the court the spectators were really being entertained byIzzy Robinson at GK with her athletic leaps and well read intercepts 4 in total during this quarter, not to mention the amount of tips on the ball too !

A great start to the match with a great first quarter score line 12/6 in Stars favour.

2nd quarter coach Jac just made one change swopping Beth and Brooke around in the shooting circle and it was immediate to see when play started again that these two were more comfortable in these positions with Brooke feeding Beth the goals started to mount up.

These goals were only were only made available by the momentous efforts by the mid court and defense turn overs.

Helen Hynes (captain) WA, Felicity Elvidge C and Bryony Smith WD were all working really hard on the Carol Anne’s mid court making life so tough for them , wearing them down into forced errors to turn the ball.

Half time score 26/17 to Stars.

With the talented players available to coach Jac she made a few changes going into the 3rd quarter, Katie Cruickshank slipped on the GA bib and Brooke took command of the WA bib giving captain Helen a chance to rest and study the next quarters play. Two other players swopping bibs were Bryony taking the centre duties whilst Flick donned the WD bib. A lot of changes but they certainly proved their worth during this quarter with Katie scoring 8 out of 9 shots on goal and nowLydia was the Star of the show in defensewith her intercepts and tips you could see she was hungry for the ball.

End of the 3rd and Hucclecote had a healthy 16 goal lead 40/24.

Carol Anne had now tried all the combinations they could muster with the eight players they had, regardless to this they certainly were not giving in.

The 4th and final quarter aloud coach Jac to re-shuffle the players again with Brooke now moved to centre, Helen back on at WA and Bryony at WD resting up Flick.

This quarter saw Beth at GS net 10 out of 10 goals achieving that wonderful 100% shooting stat during this period of the game just before she was substituted by Katie along with Brooke moving to GA this enabled to see this working combination in readiness for the game against Bath next week , Beth beingunavailable due to England camp.

Stars defense stood strong and un-phased making sure there was plenty of ball sent back down through court to the shooting combination who were now gelling well.

Final score 56/34.

This game showcased what talented multi postional players the Stars squad have with Brooke actually playing 4 different positions on court during the entire game.

The oppositions player of the match was awarded to Beth Gabriel for her cool as a cucumber accurate shooting.


Player of the match = Beth Gabriel

Players Player = Izzy Robinson

Coaches Player = Brooke Vivian / Izzy Robinson


Squad = Brooke Vivian, Beth Gabriel, Helen Hynes, Felicity Elvidge, Bryony Smith, Lydia Jones, Izzy Robinson, Katie Cruickshank, Becky Lewis


Coach = Jac Gabriel

Manager = Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer = Andrew Taylor