Match Report 11-02-18 


Hucclecote Were Left Fighting The Tide After Aquarians First Wave


Hucclecote Stars 36  /  Aquarians  45


Hucclecote Stars hosted Aquarians all the way up from the seaside town of Bournemouthin what is always a big crunch match, Aquarians sitting 2nd from top of the South West League were after every point they could get and Stars were set to deprive them.

Stars had a feeling of optimism about this game with a fairly strong squad and captain Helen Hynes back from her short break feeling refreshed.

Becky Vaughan was also in the squad again as she had given the team a much needed boost in the Exeter win last week.

Having lost to Aquarians at the beginning of the season by only 9 goals Stars wanted to set the record straight.

Cheltenham College was the venue and we were to follow a Hucclecote Prem game which had not gone their way, never the less the team got on with the warm up and coach Jac gave a team talk and selected the starting 7 who were :- Brooke Vivian GS, Beth Gabriel GA, Helen Hynes (captain) WA, Becky Vaughen C, Bryony Smith WD, Lydia Jones GD, Izzy Robinson GK. In reserve were Jane Taylor and Katie Cruickshank.

1st quarter and Aquarians attacked, attacked and attacked they really wanted to put the game their way from the off and caught Stars napping as they notched up a 4 goal lead within minutes of the game starting. Later we found out that Aquarians had travelled up to Cheltenham the night before in order to be fresh and ready to play which is exactly what they did , this was no excuse for Stars who now fought back but Aquarians have a fantastic defence duo in captain Sam Mogg at GK and her daughter Leah at GD, a well drilled pair who have the ability not to let the shooters get close to the post and force them to shoot long on goal.

Both Brooke and Beth were missing shots which Stars were being penalized for as Aquarians were gathering the re-bounds and making them count against us.

Coach Jac immediately responded to this happening by making an early substitution bringing on Jane Taylor at GA and moving Beth to GS with Brooke taking up the WA bib. This certainly changed the dynamics with Jane creating space and drawing the defence out.

1st quarter finish and the score stood at 14/7 to Aquarians.

2nd quarter saw the same line up as the 1st had finished. This game was going to be a battle royal and very physical with the contact of the players being pushed to the absolute limit. The umpires really had their work cut out keeping the game safe, civil and flowing which they did.

Both teams traded goals during this quarter with Aquarians mother and daughter duo in the shooting circle “the Leatons” missing very few goals no matter what Izzy and Lydia threw at them, just a few re-bounds were gained but these seemed to be lost in transition.

The Stars centre passes were very pressurized and they were often forced into errors which Aquarians worked hard to snaffle up.

By half time Aquarians had increased their lead by 2 more goals the score now 25/16.

Re-hydration, a boost of vitamin C (Sarah’s oranges) and a good talking to by Coach Jac Stars were ready to lift their game, Katie Cruickshank took the WD bib from Bryony who had played her part making a nuisance of any of the oppositions transition ball in her territory.

Aquarians had not made any changes what so ever so Stars were now able to read their patterns of play, this was apparent with Izzy taking 2 clean intercepts during the 3rd and Becky also snapping one up too.

This quarter saw Jane Taylor take control over Sam Mogg giving her the run around. These two have come up against one another on many occasions only on this occasion Jane was to dominate, getting 9 shots on goalaround their defense.

Hucclecote won the 3rd quarter by one goal cutting the defacit to 8 goals the score now 34/26.

The 4th and final quarter was a physically exhausting battle with both Aquarians and Stars making mistakes but neither really dominating the scoreboard, clean intercepts by both Lydia and Izzy were not enough to make the difference to the final score . Aquarians went on to win by exactly the same goal difference as the earlier season encounter with them 9 goals. Final score 45/36.

Hucclecote gaining the over half losers bonus point but missing out on the within 5 one.

A very hard fought game luckily with neither side sustaining any injuries.

Stars gave the player of the match to their captain Sam Mogg for her defensive charge in the first quarter and her relentless pressure throughout the game.

Aquarians gave Jane Taylor player of the match for her dynamic movement on court and accurate shooting under huge pressure. Jane not only picked up player but completed a hatrick of awards also getting coaches player and players player which she shared with her PE teacher from school “Mrs Vaughan” Becky.


Player of the Match = Jane Taylor

Coaches Player = Jane Taylor

Players Player = Jane Taylor + Becky Vaughan


Squad :-

Brooke Vivian, Beth Gabriel, Helen Hynes, Becky Vaughan, Bryony Smith, 

Lydia JonesIzzy Robinson, Jane Taylor, Katie Cruickshank


Coach = Jac Gabriel

Manager = Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer = Andrew Taylor