Match Report 8/4/18


A Roman Fought Battle saw HucclecoteVictorious in the Arena



Hucclecote Stars 56  Prem Romans 46


This game against Prem Romans was supposed to be the end of season game but due to the snow fall this year Stars still had another game after this one.

With the home advantage Stars wanted to finish the season on a high so were to field as strong a side as they could with the players available.

Prem Romans had travelled up from Bristol with the same ambitions in mind and too had a very strong squad with one or two new faces amongst them!

The result of this game would not have any reflection on where Hucclecote would finish in the league this year as they had already sealed a commendable 4th place last week winning over Galminton with two games to play.

To a lot of the players this game felt like a Severn Stars training session with so many U19’s and U21’s in both teams 8 in total 4 on each team. This meant that the players knew one anothers playing styles and knew how to defend or attack around the court!!!

There was a nice feel around the court whilst teams warmed up with some laughter from both ends of the court, most of the Prem Roman side had been out on the town in Bristol the night before at one of the players engagement  party’s so Stars were hopeful they would be suffering .

No coach Jac available this week or Beth Gabriel due to England camp so dependable Lynne Vivian stepped into the breach to direct the Stars where needed.

Captain Helen Hynes took the warm up and the scene was set .

Starting 7 for Hucclecote were GS Brooke Vivian, GA Jane Taylor, WA Helen Hynes ©, C Felicity Elvidge, WD Harriet Sanderson, GD Lydia Jones, GK Izzy Robinson which left a lonely Mitzi Scott the one and only reserve on the bench but ready to take to court at a moments notice!

Umpiring the match were Jenna Culley and Victoria Wills.

On the shrill of the whistle Prem Romans really came out of the blocks at Hucclecote and there was no sign of anybody suffering a hang over from the night before, infact it looked like they were running on rocket fuel!!!!

The netball was fast and highly contested both ends of the court and down the centre too!

In the shooting “D” Brooke got straight down to business with some accurate shooting netting 8/9 goals (89%) in the first 15, at the other end Lydia was really making a nuisance of herself in GD with tips and rebounds creating the turnovers needed, equally Prem Romans were playing with fire in their belly’s also netting the needed goals to bring the first quarter to a 14 / 14 draw.

A good hard fought first 15 giving coach Lynne a bit of action to work on!

The players this year have been so universal generally, soany interchanging of player position has only been to confuse the opposition and with such an evenly fought first quarter coach Lynne swopped the defence structure around Izzy now at GD and Lydia to GK, she also gave Mitzi Scott a chance to stretch her legs at centre.

2nd quarter and the Romans adapted to Hucclecoteschanges straight away with another even strength quarter. Jane and Brooke didn’t put up quite as many shots as the first and with Prem Romans drafting up a very familiar GD in Olivia Jones she certainly put pressure on the girls so their stats were down a little.

Equally Lydia and Izzy were also in the faces of the shooters doing the same at the other end of the court.

With plenty of encouragement from captain Helen and the smooth transition of ball through court HucclecoteStars gave as good as they were receiving.

Both sides scored a further 12 goals each during this quarter giving a half time score of 26 / 26.

Looking at the fitness levels of these players at this stage in the season and the accuracy of shooting it was going to take something exceptional to break the dead lock of the scores.

With this in mind no changes of players were made going into the 3rd just to keep things tight and look after the ball.

Hucclecote came out with a new vigour about them and attacked straight from the off, Jane at GA was simply on fire netting anything that entered the goal “D”,

15 goals out of 16 claiming a 94% shooting stat and an interception so the obvious feed was to her,  Brookehowever was picking up anything missed and holdingplayers like a professional ! you could see she was enjoying the game so much .

The unsung hero’s have to be the defensive trio, Harriet at WD was as solid as a rock and you couldn’t miss her athletic defence harrowing the Romans attack along with Izzy and Lydia making life so difficult to get anywhere near the shooting ring.

Romans did have a great marking strategy and on a couple of occasions Stars were left struggling to get the ball off the back line, but Lydia showing her world of netball knowledge just simply played of her own post to disrupt this type of play and made good for another attack, “very clever and ingenious” teaching us all a thing or two!!!

Luckily all the hard work had paid off and at the end of the 3rd Hucclecote had edged a 3 goal lead with the score now sitting at 43 /40.

A close scoring game such as this gave players and spectators a huge amount to look forward to going into the 4th and final quarter.

Coach Lynne could hardly ask for any more out of the players as they were already giving their all! So everyone was asked to dig deep and find that extra edge or 10% and come back with the win they deserve.

Prem Romans had only one reserve and they played her in this the last quarter where as Stars relied on the tested and proven 7 players they had played most of the game with.

Straight back to business and Hucclecote managed to get a few crucial turn over at the beginning of the quarter which were converted by the ever dependable hands of Jane, Harriet stepped up and was tipping ball and grabbing intercepts with the flashes of her red hair she was now also on fire!!!

Stars now had stretched their lead out to 6 then 7 goals so with the opportunity of a set of fresh legs on the bench coach Lynne got Flick back in the action at centre resting up Mitzi who had commanded the mid court admirably .

Izzy grabbed anther intercept and Brooke converted, the score was now  54 / 46 and the end of the game was drawing near. Still hungry for more the whole team worked hard to find another two scores and the game was deservedly won final score 56/46.

This had been a great game and Prem Romans had really pushed Stars to the limit, the game could have been anybodies throughout the match.

A full team effort had bought home the win for Hucclecote and with no injuries and smiles on both sides faces it had been a lovely encounter with both teams getting in the after game photo !

Prem Romans awarded the oppossitions player of the match to our captain Helen Hynes who had played a great game, this her last game for this season it was great she got this well deserved award!

Players player went to the “ice queen” of last season Brooke Vivian who you could see had really enjoyed her day in the shooting circle.

Lastly Coach Lynne couldn’t decide between the two shooters so gave her player award to both Jane and Brooke who had both been a great unit to watch in action. 


Player of the Match = Helen Hynes

Players Player  = Brooke Vivian

Coaches Player = Jane Taylor and Brooke Vivian


Squad = Brooke Vivian, Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes,Felicity Elvidge

               Harriet Sanderson, Lydia Jones, Izzy Robinson, Mitzi Scott


Coach = Lynne Vivian

Manager = Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer = Andrew Taylor