Match Report 11-03-18


“It was a low tide for Plymouth as the Stars came out to Shine


Hucclecote Stars  56  /  Plymouth Pilgrims  29


Hucclecote Stars have been such a universal and adaptive team this season with players coming and going, illnesses, injuries, holidays, sickness and travel problems ! but they have soldiered on though all of it with a great management team behind them and a whole lot of phone calls !!!Despite all this there has always been 7 keen and able players to play.

This week was no different as they took on the Southern most side we play Plymouth Pilgrims with the home game advantage at Cheltenham College.

As the girls warmed up we could see that Plymouth were also short of players having only a bare 7 warming up on court ,there were a few obvious key players missing from their first encounter line up,one in defence and also their nifty GA wasnot there , this wasn’t to be taken for granted because there where also a couple of new faces too !

The Hucclecote Stars squad could only be described as 7 and a half as Brooke Vivianwas suffering with an infection that even the primary carer couldn’t help with !,but she was still game to play if needed !

Coach Jac was back on board this week so vice coach Lynne was assigned to scoring duties along with Rachel as the travelling team had nobody to score!

Warmed up and keen to get playing the starting 7 were :-Beth Gabriel GS, Jane Taylor GA, Helen Hynes (c) WA, Mitzi Scott C, Bryony Smith WD, Lydia Jones GD, Izzy Robinson GK

Which left a poorly Brooke Vivian on the bench ready but not necessarily raring to go!

1st quarter and Plymouth had won the toss for the first centre pass which Stars immediate put pressure on the mid court players, no turn over was created but Plymouth knew Hucclecote meant business.

The usual frantic type play pursued whilst everyone found out their opposite numbers strengths and weaknesses.

The main weekness for Plymouth was in the shooting circle with a not so confident GA so as in any game Hucclecote’sdefence put lots of pressure on her and tried to keep the accurate tall GS shooting long.

This tactic worked well as both teamsshooters put up the same amount of shots in the first quarter and Hucclecoteconverted 11 goals out of 15 shots where as Plymouth only netted 9 so first quarter end Stars were in front 11/9.

2nd quarter and coach Jac just made one small change swopping Lydia to GK and Izzy to GD in the defensive circle. This quarter was to be a real step up of pace and to capitalise on any turn over ball. 

The defence unit of Bryony, Lydia and Izzy were a joy to watch play as they repeatedly disrupted any transition ball of Plymouths attack. Lydia with her immense  ballerina style leans over the shooters enabled Izzy to collect up at least4 rebounds putting the momentum of the game in Hucclecotes favour. All theseforced turn over ball had been turned into goals in the accurate and safe hands of Jane and Beth who both held a 100% shooting stats for this quarter scoring 19 goals between them! The half time score was now 30/15 to Stars.

With both the players and supporters catching their breath

Coach Jac made just one change going into the 3rd, Helen at WA made way for Brooke to stretch her legs and lungs and try and run off the unwell feeling!!

Sarah had forgotten to pick up the half time oranges again so the team were going to have to perform without their mid game vitamin “C” boost!

A change at mid court always changes the dynamics slightly in the attack and to start with things were fine with Brooke feeding well into the circle, but it soon became apparent that Plymouth’s centre court players were putting a lot of pressure on Hucclecote’s new girl on the block Mitzi. She had played hard and fast netball but it was just taking it’s toll so captain Helen and coach Jac decided to make another change during play, Helen came back onto court at WA and Brooke moved to Centre which gave Mitzi a well earned rest.

Play resumed and Stars kept pushing the lead with great intercept work from both Lydia and Izzy. The player putting in the work rate was Bryony Smith at WD a position on the court which she plays a constant threat to the opposition disrupting ball when she can, the quarter end scorenow stood at 46/23 a good healthy lead ready for the last quarter.

The team stayed the same going into the 4th and final quarter,

There was a target set to try and deprive Plymouth of the half score bonus point but this would be difficult as the scores were getting higher and the players now tiring.

Brooke had soldiered on at Centre but soon into the quarter she hit a low and needed to be replaced so Mitiz re-joined the mid court battle to finish the game out.

The whole team pulled together and the shooting circle stayed accurate and active but Plymouth were not going down without a fight, they had kept moving their bare 7 players around positions to try and find the strongest combination. Lucy Rose (ne Werrell ) Plymouth’s captain had tried her upmost at GD to quell our dominance on goal and they had also sacrificed Catriona Smith who normally would have been their GS to the defensive circle at GD, but the outcome of the match was inevitable as Hucclecote went onto win 56/29, not doubling Plymouth’s score but an impressive score line all the same.

The game had been a nice clean game,umpired well and fare with no injuries sustained in either team. During the after match teas you could feel both teams had enjoyed the match win or lose!

Hucclecote nominated Plymouth’s GK Catriona Smith as their player of the match and Plymouth passed the same award back to our Jane Taylor at GA who again for the third game in a row had run the opposition defence into the ground earning this award!!


Player of the match = Jane Taylor

Players players = Izzy Robinson, Bryony Smith, Jane Taylor

Coaches Player = Lydia Jones


Squad = Beth Gabriel, Jane Taylor, Helen Hynes, Mitzi Scott, Brooke Vivian, Bryony Smith, Lydia Jones, Izzy Robinson


Coach = Jac Gabriel

Manager = Sarah Taylor

Primary Carer = Andrew Taylor