Hucclecote U.16 Dragons on Fire


Hucclecote Dragons are proving a force to be reckoned with this season and on Sunday showed their dominance again in the South West Regional U.16 League.


Their 1st fixture saw them take on Saints from Cornwall, and this gave opportunity to U.15 player Rose Dillon to set up to take on the GA bib. Dillon settled well and the unit of Garrard and Scott began to look slick. Dillon put some outstanding feeds into Katya Jennings at GS and both converted with ease. Jennings who consistency has been outstanding all season converted 85% overall and the young Dillon was also on target at 6/6 - 100% up until the final quarter when tiredness saw a dip.  The mid court worked tirelessly and with one switch at the back in the 2nd quarter, putting Captain Sanderson to GK, Hannah Howl to GD along with Gabriel on the WD ,this unit stepped it up.  Howl was phenomenal, turning 11 clean intercepts using her speed ,agility and elevation .  At 30-15 up at half time, changes were made, and no matter which combination took the court, Dragons ran out winners 53-34.  Player of the match was awarded to Hannah Howl who is improving game on game.


The second fixture saw them take on Almondsbury.  Initially, Dragons were slow to start and Almondsbury took advantage of this and played sensibly to goal where both shooters shot well.   With the scores level pegging, one switch saw Rose Dillon on for the second quarter and another switch at the back end with Howl in to GK and Sanderson out.  Dragons then dominated, and they suddenly hit Almondsbury hard with a flurry of goals taking the lead out to 34-15 at half time.  With Dillon restricted to 5 quarters, and no Alex Baird available, Ellie Gabriel took the GA bib and played a very composed game with some excellent feeds into Jennings.With Cook on at WD, and Meg Knight moved to Centrelinking with Olivia Garrard, the linkages worked well and with great vision demonstrated by Knight, Dragons roared away taking the game by 77 goals to 25. Jennings put 78 shots during this game of 60 minutes, netting an amazing 90%. 


This leaves them as clear leaders at the top of Division 1 in the South West U.16 League. Thanks go to Team Manager Janey Garrard, Jo Knight and Su Porter for volunteetring on the day and to the many parents who travelled to support us.


Squad: K. Jennings (V. Capt), R. Dillon, O. Garrard, M. Knight, D. Scott, A. Cook, E. Gabriel, H. Sanderson (Capt), H. Howl 


Stats V Saints: K. Jennings 13/14  12/14  11/14  11/13  overall 47/55 85%

R. Dillon 3/3  2/2 1/1 0/2   6/8 75%


Stats V Almondsbury       k.Jennnings 70/78 90%