Hucclecote Pumas Play 1st League Matches

Hucclecote Pumas had their first league matches of the season against two of the toughest opposition in the league , Randwick and Old Chelts.

Puma’s started well against Randwick and took an early 4 goal lead however Randwick settled and began to pull  back the defecit.  With Evie Farrell unwell, the game had to be stopped and restarted and the quarter ended with Randwick 1 goal up .  The second period of play saw both teams working hard however it was Randwick who began to stride ahead taking a 3 goal lead by half time.  The third quarter saw Randwick on fire, and although Scarlett Jinx at Centre for Pumas and the defending triangle at the back worked tirelessly turning more interceptions, Pumas were unable to convert it through to their attack and shooting circle and had limited opportunities at goal.  Randwick remained strong and went on to win 26-12.

Puma’s second game saw the attack assert themselves better, and the initial phases of play saw some great conversions to goal taking the lead 10-6.  Old Chelts hit hard in the second period of play and closed the gap with some strong play from Maddie Norwood at GD for Chelts.  The score remained level at half time and pretty much went goal for goal for the next quarter. The final period of play saw some exciting netball played by both teams however it was Chelts who went on to secure the win by just 1 goal winning 17 goals to 16.


Squad:-  Francesca Lundie (C), Lulu Brabbins, Beatrice Von Kindt Rohde, Lucy Stocks, Molly Weatherley, Evie Farrell, Macy Hamil Olivia Moss, Connie Trendle, Scarlett Jinks.