Lightening took a well deserved victory against Old Chelts by 43-30 although the first quarter saw Chelts take the upper hand.

Initially Chelts GA dominated in their shooting circle,  and combined with tight defence, Hucclecote struggle to get the final ball in to Ben Hania who was tightly marked out by Chelts GK .  However, the last 5 minutes of the quarter saw Polly Banyard and Ben Hania settle down and with Banyard taking on the main stay of the shooting with her team mate creating space and good placement of ball, Hucclecote managed to close the deficit to just 3 goals at quarter time.

Changes saw Wendy Burgess switch into the shooting circle replacing Ben Hania, and with Emma Mackenzie also on at WA Lightenings pace was awesome. Both Banyard and Burgess were on form slotting many of their goals away.  With Lucy Werrell taking control at GD, Chelts failed to convert opportunities, and Hucclecote at one stage put 4 goals on Chelts in a row.  The half time score saw Hucclecote reverse the score, leading by 4 goals, winning the quarter by 7.

With a squad who are all capable of performing, Ben Hania came back onto the GS, and her understanding with Burgess created space, allowing Burgess to dominate in the circle as she often does.  Hania's confidence was lifted and she too began to slot some great goals netting the final ball as the whistle blew  3/4 time.  Emma MacKenzie's speed, agility and quick release was a winning factor for Hucclecote, and with another like minded player Helen Werrell demonstrating similar traits, and Lucy Smith tightly marking the WA Hucclecote's lead was extended to 10 going into the final 15.

Final changes included bringing back on Polly Banyard to GA and Kat Honeywill to WA, and the unit of MacKenzie and Werrell were nudged back.  No matter what combination took the court, they all produced some well timed moves,  and with Lowery at the back taking turnovers and rebounds, Hucclecote stamped their authority taking the game by 13 goals at the end of play.

Emma MacKenzie, new to the club this year had an outstanding game, as did Lucy Werrell at GD. Well done girls!!

Squad:  Stella Ben Hania, Polly Banyard, Wendy Burgess, Kat Honeywill, Emma MacKenzie, Helen Werrell, Lucy Smith, Lucy Werrell Antonia Lowery.