A tough game to end the season, Lightning struggled to keep their 4 goal lead in the first quarter and ended only one goal up 10-9. History repeated itself in the second quarter when Lightning took the lead again only to fall to 20-20 at the half time whistle.

The defence combination of Hutchings and Brooks manged to take a number of interceptions. Everyone played well as a team especially fitting in well with Kate Nicholls and Arnie Brown who came down from the A team due to a number of B team players' unavailability.

The third quarter saw the team take a 2 goal league ending 31-29 and it was the final quarter where everything flowed for Lightning to win by 6.

Final Score: 43-37

A great end to the season with the Lightning squad coming 2nd in the division, with Hucclecote Hurricanes coming 1st.