Final Score: WIN 43-32
This was a superb win for Storm against physical opponents and having to contend with changes to the squad due to injury and the need to provide shooting support to Thunder, with Lauren Brooks joining the team at WD.  Storm took a little while to find their rhythm in the first quarter, finding themselves 6-8 down.  The second quarter started poorly as accurate shooting from distance by the GA saw NRS take a 7 goal lead early on.  However Storm demonstrated why they are clear league leaders and worked hard through all seven positions to cut the deficit and draw level by the end of the quarter (16-16).  Keeping the same formation for the third quarter Storm eventually took the lead for the first time in the match and started to dominate their opponents, matching their physical approach with some flowing and incisive play.  Lily and Iona came into their own hitting 15 goals from 16 attempts, while Eleri and Hannah worked hard to limit scoring opportunities.  Lauren, Becky and Fran in the mid-court worked hard to get flow into their play despite many penalties being called.  Taking a 31-24 lead into the final quarter, with Sharon coming on as GK, Storm's fitness and quality of play saw them further stretch their lead, and as Lily and Iona kept up their shooting ratio, Hannah, Lauren, Becky and Fran all fed the circle with quality ball, while the opposition accepted their fate.  Storm ran out worthy winners by 43-32 and remain unbeaten with 14 straight victories.
Squad:  Hannah Jones, Eleri Sewell (C), Lauren Brooks, Becky Mogg, Fran Preddy, Lily Simmonds, Iona Wong, Sharon Greening