Score lost 27-43

Hucclecote started the game off brightly. Claire Richards and Jane Hicks started as they continued throughout the game putting pressure on the Poole shooting circle turning over the ball and showing some outstanding rebounding. With that the ball moved up the court positively with Anna Joll working outstandingly hard at WA controlling the attack with some excellent feeding into the circle and with Michelle Dowle and Carly Taylor converting 75%, Hucclecote moved into a 10-5 lead at the end of the first quarter.

Poole then changed their shooting line-up putting in a tall and experienced shooter into the circle whose positioning and holding was very effective in securely an influx of goals. Neither Richards or Stringer could match the shooter for height, but worked tirelessly putting her under pressure. Halfway through the second quarter Hucclecote lost Joll at WA to sickness and this disruption led to Poole scoring 12 goals without response turning the game on it's head to leaving Hucclecote 7 behind at half time.

Hucclecote never came back from this and players struggled to play positively in a highly pressurised game and with players loosing their heads, the effect on the team was conclusive. Hucclecote never gave up, but conceeded the win with a lack determination and precision that is normally parmount with this team.

A dissappointing result, but many lessons learnt for a squad in their development stages.

Squad: Michelle Dowle, Carly Taylor, Anna Joll, Harriet Pratten, Helen Werrell, Jane Hicks, Claire Richards, Michaela Ifill, Caroline Bedford, Anna Thoms

Player of Match: Claire Richards and Jane Hicks