Hucclecote 40 - Plymouth Pilgrims 32

Hucclecote started the fixture knowing it was going to be a tough physical battle, this team were Hucclecote's nemisis last year with a loss and a draw and Jane Hicks having her ribs broken. Revenge was wanted by all!!
Straight from the first whistle saw Hucclecote under pressure from the physical attributes of the Pilgrims, all three attacking players finding they were constantly under pressure from the pilgrims defence with lot's physical contact coming from the Pilgrims defence trying to disrupt the Hucclecote possession. However, Hucclecote remained focussed on their own game, but like many of the matches so far this season, Jane Hicks and Claire Richards were turning over the ball in defence, but we were not capitalising on possession with a few basic errors creeping in and a couple of wayward shots.
A change in line up seeing Rihanna Halbrook come on at GS instantly made an impact, not only did she shoot 100% in the quarter, but she enabled the attack to settle offering front ball. Caroline Hughes at WD also had a fine quarter restricting the Pilgrims WA who was their attacking play maker. Hucclecote working tirelessly pulled into a 4 goal lead at half time.
Michelle Dowle moved into the GA position at half time, with Anna Joll moving to WA and Caroline Bedford to C. Pilgirms started off the third quarter positively after bringing on a taller GS offering a high ball into the circle, Hucclecote took time to settle with this threat but Claire Richards and Jane Hicks continued to turn over the ball. Caroline Bedford and Anna Joll now really started to gel, working well together to drive the ball through the court and feeding the ball superbly to Rihanna who to be fair had a GK that was all over her! Hucclecote maintained they lead finishing the third quarter 4 ahead.
This was it the last quarter and the make or break. Michaela Ifill came on to the WD for the last quarter with the whole purpose of taking the WA out of the game, this she did and the Pilgrims attack started to crumble, with this Hucclecote's attack stepped up the pace. Michelle Dowle, Anna Joll and Caroline Bedford moved the ball between each other with drive, determination and pace and the Pilgrims defence could do no more. Pilgrims were getting rattled with each other which was disrupting their game, so Hucclecote took this opportunity to pull away finishing the game off 8 infront and stopping the Pilgrims scoring the extra point.
Satisfaction was clearly felt but all the Hucclecote squad with the improvement in performance from last years meeting.

Squad: Michelle Dowle, Anna Joll, Rihanna Halbrook, Caroline Bedford, Harriet Pratten, Caroline Hughes, Michaela Ifill, Jane Hicks, Claire Richards, Helen Werrell

Player of match: Anna Joll and Rihanna Halbrook.