Hucclecote v Raychem (37-30)

Hucclecote looked to dominate a match against Raychem who were positioned towards the bottom of the Regional 1 league. What a surprise they had in store!!

Hucclecote as always started the game off using their speed and determination to great effect. The defensive trio of Caroline Hughes, Jane Hicks and Claire Richards making turnover after turnover after turnover and did not allow the Raychem attack to settle, the GS and GA did however, not miss when they were able to put up shots. It was in the attacking end that Hucclecote struggled, Raychem had started the game hard in defence and with some missed shots and loose balls, Hucclecote failed to materialise on a lot of possession.  At half time Hucclecote were down by 2.

With Rhianna Hallbrook in the squad for the Premier League and even with Anna Joll struggling with illness, Anna came on to the GA at half time and Michaela Ifill came on at C. Hucclecote started to gain more accuracy although still not always able to turn possession into points.

Jane Hicks and Micheala Ifill were outstanding in defence during the second half with Jane totalling 12 interceptions and Micheala totalling 7 from the mid court. Anna Joll fighting through sickness also provided the killer instinct in the attack to enable Hucclecote to secure a close win.

Star Players:  Michaela Ifill and Jane Hicks

Squad: Michelle Dowle, Carly Taylor, Anna Joll, Caroline Bedford, Harriet Pratten, Micheala Ifill, Caroline Hughes, Jane Hicks, Claire Richards.