Reg 2 v Weston 40-38
  This was always going to be a tough game as weston had come down from reg1 at the end of last season and with players unavailable we were down to 8 this included Hannah Faulkner who stepped in at the last minute and Rhianna Holbrook who had been on crutches for the last week . The game was well contested throughout by both teams by half time cote were up by 3 ,in the third quarter weston took control and went into last quarter being in the lead by 1 goal which they took to a 5 goal lead but every Hucclecote player lifted there game to 110% and saw them pull back to 38 -38 with 2 mins to go and then scoring of our centre pass we were up  by 1.with pressure being applied on westons centre pass we forced a sideline pass to cote ,the players just kept passing the ball around court keeping possession which seemed to confuse weston and then placed ball into shooters who converted and won the game 40-38.This was one of the best performances of the season so far and player of the match was awarded to Kayliegh Garbo-Roberts who this week has also been selected to play for Celtic Dragons super league team.