With injuries and movement taking place throughout the whole of the Hucclecote club the Regional 2 team that stepped out onto the court at Bath had never played together as a team so this was going to be a learning curve for all.

The first quarter couldn’t have started any better, the defence of Nicole & Kayleigh were solid, turning over ball throughout – and only letting 3 shots pass through the net. This feeling of team work was resembled in the rest of the team too; centre court gelled and the shooters (Polly & Max) were netting the ball from everywhere – great start!! (17 - 3)

The second quarter the team stayed the same. We were starting to notice a pattern in centre passes when it was Titans centre, so Helen at WD began to turnover the ball which enabled us to score not only from our centre but from there’s too. Consistent defence and shooting stats prompted an even bigger lead of 28-9.

The third quarter saw a change in the shooting circle bringing charlotte onto GS and moving Max up to GA. This combination worked just as well with Max finding Charlotte in space enabling the shot. This quarter we did however ease off of our man to man marking which showed as Titans really did capitalise going into the final quarter we were leading  46 – 16.

With Polly coming back onto the WA, Emma was moved into the middle and Beth back to WD. Whatever combination today the whole team pulled together and worked tirelessly to turn the ball over; each player worked hard right to the final whistle with the end result ending as 65-21.

A great win for regional 2 as a new squad; Coach Liz was impressed with the way we bonded as a team and our overall performance was one of our best yet.

Good work girlies xx

(Titans captain said "...you were speed demons, u lot totally out played us...." :)