Hurricanes Vs Bishop Cleeve Fillies A

10th October 2009


Hurricanes had only a bare seven going into the match against Bishops Cleeve and were missing captain Rachel Aston. Although Hucclecote had the first centre pass, opportunities were missed and Bishops Cleeve took an early lead. However, Hucclecote soon settled and started their domination. The ball was transfered with ease through centre court with Arnie at WD, Kate at C and Emma on the wing, with well timed moves to play quick, dynamic netball, winning the first quater 15-3.

The second quater started well with Hucclecote taking many clean interceptions throughout the court and putting Cleeve under pressure to force the long ball and lose possession. Good shooting by both Charlotte at GA and Flo at GS allowed Hucclecote to net a further 14 goals, just missing out on the target of another 15 goals this quater. However, a few too many unforced errors (breaking the line at a Centre pass, not driving onto the ball and some dropped balls) allowed Cleeve to take possession and net 8 goals throughout the quater, compared with just three in the first.

The third quater saw some changes with Flo coming out onto the GA and Charlotte moving to GS, and Toni and Lucy switching positions in the defensive circle. There was some dynamic play by Hucclecote at times, with the defence, centre court and attacking players linking well to get the ball into the shooting circle. Yet, there were still too many forced balls into the D and players not always being ball side to give an effective option which allowed Cleeve to net 7 goals this quater. Yet Hucclecote finished the the quater with 42 goals, 2 above target.

The final quater Hucclecote had the target of netting a further twenty goals. Both Toni and Lucy defended the circle well, restricting Cleeve from having scoring opportunities. Although Hucclecote were not under pressure there were still some unforced errors,  which prevented the 62 goal target from being met. Yet the final score was 58-21, a good squad effort to only allow Cleeve to score three goals all quater.

This so far has been the strongest display from Hurricanes this season, with players beginning to link well and work together as a squad. Hurricanes now need to continue this display when playing more challenging matches this season.

Final Score: 58-21

Player of the match: Emma Mackenzie at WA

Coach: Liz Banyard

Captain: Kate Nicholls (in the absence of Rachel Aston)