Rosie Barrett at GK for Hucclecote turned up the heat against the Old Chelts shooters tipping and turning ball over after ball and having an awesome game. 
With Claire Richards in support for the first half both worked tireslessly giving Hucclecote a 7-2 advantage at the end of the first quarter with both shooters Aston and Taylor scoring 75% of their shots. 

The 2nd quarter went in Chelts favour , with Chelts producing some excellent mid court play and ex Hucclecote player Hayley Mortimer taking some excellent steals. However, Hucclecotes dogged determination With Charl Johnson now on at GD adding additional pressure and Hannah Williams taking the C bib for Hucclecote, gave plenty of opportunity for Hucclecote to increase their lead which they did to 26-10 at the end of the 3rd period. 

 The final 15 saw some great moves with Williams at Centre showing great speed and drive onto Hucclecotes circle edge, and with Michaela Iffil now at WA, Chelts could do little to stop the winning run of the Hucclecote side where they final scores was 36 - 21 in Hucclecotes favour.