Lightning struggled to impose their superiority on this game until the 2nd half, even though the scoreline suggests otherwise! In defence, Toni Lowery & Lucy Werrell put the Churchdown shooters under enormous pressure, with only 9 shots being put up in the first half.

When attacking, Lightning looked slick, moving the ball through court with confidence, but it was the lack of finish in the circle that kept Churchdown in contention.

With Capt Eleri Sewell coming into the defence, Lightning continued to restict the Churchdown attack. With Lydia Hallbrook moving back to GS, she began to find her usual form, netting 27 from 40 attempts in total. Lilly Simmonds coming back onto the GA for the final 15minutes also began to convert more confidently. During the 2nd half, Lightning took control of the game, running away to a comfortable 41 -13 victory.

Shooting Stats - Hallbrook 27/40 Simmonds 7/13 & Lauren Brice 6/14

Player of the Match - Lydia Hallbrook.