Hucclecote Lightning fell to their first defeat of the season to United Eagles. From the outset, United took control, while Lightning struggled to produce the sort of performance that has seen them previously unbeaten in Div.1.

Basic errors in mid court during the first quarter allowed United to take an early 3 goal lead. With shooters Lauren Brice & Lydia Hallbrook only having the ball 9 times in the first 15minutes, compared to United's 13 attempts.

A change of line up, with Lauren Brooks moving into the middle & Jo Hutchings into the defence circle, had an immediate effect. With more ball being turned over in defence, shooters Brice & Hallbrook had more opportunities netting 12 from 17 attempts, while United only 6 from 10 attempts.

This turned the game slightly in Lightnings favour from being 3 down to 2 up with the half time score being 18-16. More errors & missed shots, coupled with United's GA netting 10/12, swung the advantage back in United's favour.

During the final 15mins, the error rate improved but Lightning were unable to close the deficit. That along with 3 incorrect umpiring decisions was enough to give United the game by 3 goals.

Lightning only really have themselves to blame for the result, with a total of 26 errors & 24 missed shots, United were the better team on the day. Lightning should have established control well before the 3 decisions which cost them dearly.

Shooting Stats - Lauren Brice-     10/15   (3/4's) - 67%

                          Lydia Hallbrook - 27/45  ( 4/4's)  - 60%

                          Lily Simmonds -   1/2    ( 1/4)     - 50%

Collectively ; Hucclecote 38/62   61%       United  41/53  77%

Total errors - 26               Total turn overs - 20

Squad - Lauren Brice, Lydia Hallbrook, Lily Simmonds, Fran Preedy, Lauren Brooks, Lucy Smith, Jo Hutchings & Capt Eleri Sewell.

Player of the match - Jo Hutchings who in 3/4's of the game turned the ball over 9 times.