Traditionally, the A v B match is closely contested, but this time with Lightning greatly depleted, they couldn't stay in touch with Hurricannes.

With Lauren Brice, Lily Simmonds & Lydia Hallbrook, all three shooters missing, it fell to Sam Hogg & Fran Preedy to take up the challenge! They both shot well when the ball reached them, but too many passing & handling errors through court denied Lightning enough possession.

In the absence of Lauren Brooks, Lucy Smith moved into the C & even though carrying an injury, played extremely well, linking attack & defence through court.

Holly Walker & Fliss Phillips, moved up from Storm to bolster the depleted squad, both having good games. Holly at WA, started a bit tentatively, but by the 2nd half, began to play with confidence & Fliss at GK, from the outset, turned ball, taking numerous interceptions. Her performance gained her Player of the match - well done Fliss.

Eleri Sewell & Jo Hutchings put in their usual tireless performance defencively, but it was difficult to disrupt the shooting accuracy of Charlotte Olley & Flo Edwards in the Hurricanes team.

With Lydia Hallbrook making the game during the 3rd quarter, it allowed Lucy Smith to retire injured. There was a slight rally by Lightning during the final quarter, losing that by only 1 goal, it was not enough to close the gap that had grown, but was enough to ensure Lightning secured more than half goals for a vital point.

Player of the Match - Fliss Phillips

Shooting Stats - Sam Hogg (1/2)  5/9, Fran Preedy 15/23,  Lydia Hallbrook (1/2) 4/6

Hurricanes - Charlotte Olley - 24/29 & Flo Edwards - 16/25