Lightning slipped to a disappointing defeat against Gloucester Ladies by 6 goals. It was always going to be a tough encounter, even without having to field a team with 3 regular players missing.

Wendy Burgess moved up from Storm to join Fran Preedy in the shooting circle which unfortunately took time to settle. By the 2nd half the pair began to play as a unit, but the damage had been done in the first half, with a gap of 6 goals, which proved to be hard too much to close. Mid court worked well to bring the ball through court & Eleri Sewell & Fliss Phillips, also up from Storm, worked tirelessly to contain the very accurate shooting pair from Glos. With such an altered team & with the bare 7, the team should not be too disheartened with the result, which still leaves them in the top 3 of Division 1.