Storm held on to a narrow victory over Cirencester who had come down from Div.1 this season.

The experience & understanding between shooters Stella Ben Hania & Wendy Burgess, meant Storm scored virtually every time the ball went into the circle during the first half. With a number of young players having moved up this season, Cirencester used their experience to pressure errors through court, which allowed them to stay in touch, trailing by only 6 goals at half time.

Holly Walker had a strong game at WA putting in some great feeds to Burgess under the post & linking well with Becky Mogg at Centre & Gemma Lott at WD. When Mogg had to leave the court, Kat Honeywell replaced her, playing a sensible role in the middle.

Ella Gardner worked tirelessly in defense putting the Cirencester GA under pressure, playing a tight man to man game. Fliss Phillips at GK had her work cut out against a tall shooter, but turned ball & rebounded well. Cirencester's game began to turn with a change of GA for them which enabled them to chip away at Storms narrow lead. Meghan Suddaby, coming on at GD had the job of trying to close her down. She played with determination & enthusiasm, demonstrating her athleticism.

As Cirencester closed the deficit to 5 goals, Storms play became erratic with an element of panic creeping in. For the final 15mins, with the team being urged from the bench to play calmly, Storm managed to hang onto their lead to win by 3 goals.

Shooting Stats - Ben Hania - 7/12 & Burgess - 33/36 (Wow!)

Player of the Match - Holly Walker