Storm secured their biggest win so far this season with a comprehensive victory 60 goals to 22.

Once again the shooting partnership of Stella Ben Hania & Wendy Burgess is proving to be something opposition defence are finding very difficult to break down. With both shooters converting 70% of their shots, 60/85 attempts.

The mid court trio of Lily Simmonds (WA) Becky Mogg(C) & Sam Hogg (WD), moved the ball confidently through the court, keeping  the shooters well supplied.

The amount of possession Storm enjoyed, is a reflection of their dominance in all areas of play. At the back, once again, Ella Gardner put in a strong performance at GD, teaming up with Meghan Suddaby at GK who at U16, demonstrated huge potential at this level. Between the two, they turned over numerous feeds, denying the opposition shooters of chances to convert.

Squad; Stella Ben Hania (Capt) Wendy Burgess, Lily Simmonds, Becky Mogg, Sam Hogg, Ella Gardner, Meghan Suddaby.

Player of the Match; Sam Hogg.