Strom 58 Tommie’s 35

As the score line indicates, Storm were in total control of this match from the outset.

Mid court Becky Mogg & Kat Honeywill & Lily Simmonds dominated their opponents, feeding Ben Hania, Burgess & Palmer with ease. The defence partnership Lydia Jones, Chrissie Jackson, & Laura Mitchinson demonstrated their ability to stop feeds & denied Tommie’s shooters of many opportunities to score.

To Tommie’s credit, they never gave up chasing the game, but were totally outplayed in all areas of the court.



Stella Ben Hania(cap), Wendy Burgess, Rachael Palmer, Kat Honeywill, Becky Mogg,

Lily Simmonds, Lydia Jones, Chrissie Jackson, Laura Mitchinson.