Hucclecote' start to todays fixture against Jersey began with Carly Taylor and Kerry Walsh phoning in poorly.  With Rosie Barrett already promoted this weekend to the Prem Squad, Kirsty Trueman kindly stepped in to ensure they had a squad of 8. 

The game was one of two halves, the first favouring Hucclecote who took a 4 goal narrow lead extending it to 9 at half time.  Gemma Hallbrook's consistency of shot was superb during this period, whilst at the back end, Jane Stringer, Charlotte Johnson and Claire Richards took command turning 10 clean interceptions during the first half.

The second half saw Jersey change their line-up and with different tactics, they began to claw back the deficit.  Their GS during this period netted 100% exposing some holes in Hucclecotes defence. Meanwhile, Hucclecote shootings consistency dropped to 50% allowing Jersey back into the game for the final period.

The last 15 minutes saw Hucclecote edge ahead initially scoring 5 goals to Jerseys 2 in the first 5 minutes. However, Jersey fought with dogged determination, and gradually forced Hucclecote into errors through the court and in their attacking end.  With the pressure on, Hucclecote ran out of steam , allowing Jersey to draw level although there were some great steals by Captain Jane Stringer, Charlotte Johnson and Michaela Iffil.   Whislt Hucclecote did get the ball through to the shooting circle, Hucclecote failed to convert and Jersey ran out winners by 1 goal losing the game 39 goals to 38.

Whilst disappointing, it was however a great day for David Stringer who was assessed during this game for his A Award practical test and passed.  David will now put his application in to England to under take his real practical assessment - well done .....