Hurricanes Vs Old Chelts 2


Hurricanes were put to the challenge of playing with a bare seven again this week when facing Old Chelts B. Lucy Smith had stepped up from Lighting to support in centre court along with Hannah Evans and Kerry Bignell.

The first few minutes started with both Hucclecote and Old Chelts scoring from their centre passes, with Old Chelts always ahead after winning the toss. Hurricanes were unable to prevent the long ball going in to the tall GS whose accurate shooting began to cause Hurricanes problems. However, opportunities to take the lead were minimal with many decisions in the attacking third going against Hucclecote, particularly in the shooting D. By the end of the quater, Hurricanes were down by three goals.

The second quater saw a change with Lauren Brooks going to GK to prevent the long ball. This disrupted Old Chelts from sending a long ball in, however Old Chelts began to work their GA in who like the GS was a very consistent shooter. Hurricanes worked tirelsy to overturn the ball and take advantage of their opportunities but again the decisions went against us for any contested play through court and we struggled to take advantage of rebounding opportunities in the shooting D. Although we drew this quarter, we were four goals down.

The target was now for Hurricanes to take the lead by the end of the quarter. Flo was moved back to GS and Hannah came out on the GA. It was a promising start with balls being sent in to Flo who was holding well in the D, but it soon became contested with decisions going in Old Chelts’ favour. However, three crucial interceptions made by Lauren, Arnie and Kate allowed Hurricanes to finally take the lead for the first time in the game. At the end of the quarter, Hurricanes were leading by just two goals, although it would be Old Chelts’ centre pass at the start of the fourth quarter.

The fourth quarter saw Lucy come out into the middle and Kate move back onto the WA. Old Chelts secured the first goal with ease. A questionnable decision by the umpire restricted Hucclecote having the opportunity to score off their centre pass after Old Chelts were slow to get onside. Yet it was Hurricanes who were penalised for being offside. This was a turning point in the game which allowed Old Chelts to regain their lead. Hurricanes fought tiresly but again poor umpiring decisions went against Hucclecote at any opportunity to convert off a turnover. Hurricanes eventually lost by three.

Credit is deserved to Old Chelts who played good netball throughout the match and inparticular had very consistent shooters, however had it been consitent and fair umpiring, the result of the game would have been very different. This should have been an easy game for Hucclecote who all left the court feeling very hard done by. A big credit to all of the players representing Hucclecote on the court who battled throughout the sixty minutes and did not lose discipline or will to win, despite frustration. Captain Kate Nicholls did express the squads thoughts to the umpires at the end of the match and coach Liz Banyard has already made an official complaint.

This should not affect Hucclecotes standing at the top of the table, however it is a very disappointing loss for the squad.


Final score: 36 – 39 loss