Hucclecote should  be proud of the effort and determination they put into the game today against a very talented Leeds side.  Leeds , newly promoted to Division one were well drilled , and played some great breaks at speed through court.

This fixture saw the return of 3 players for 'Cote', Captain Jacqueline Gabriel after time out with a ruptured achilles, Gemma Gray and Rosie Allison, both of whom were unavailable for their first fixture.

The first half line up saw new combinations with Sam Cook playing at GA alongside Allison at GS.  Both displayed competent shooting and in the first quarter Hucclecote edged ahead .  Both sides had equal attempts at goal but it was Allison 85% and Cooks 75% that put them ahead by 3 goals.  The side remained the same for the second period, and with Becky Vaughan putting some great visionary feeds into Allison, brought confidence with it, and Allison netted an incredible 11/13 shots.  The back unit of Rosie Barrett , Sammi Perry and Jack Gabriel worked tireslessly to keep Leeds quick footed attack at bay.  Barrett particularly impressed picking off some long range feeds .  The game flowed for both teams and was aided by some great umpiring throughout.  Sarah Adams linked both ends well, however there was still little to separate the teams during this period,  with Hucclecote still 3 ahead 24-21 at half time.

Gray came on to GA for the 3rd quarter, Cook moved to C, and Sarah Adams and Jack Gabriel moved to WD and GD respectively.  Gray's first 15 on court was outstanding, with some great drives to the circle, and consistent shooting scoring 6/6.  Her partner Allison stayed composed as always and she too netted 11/13.  Whilst the attack seemed to be having a ball, it was Gabriel who came out like a determined terrier to hunt the ball in her more familiar position of GD working with last years partner Barrett at GK and Sarah Adams at WD.  Between the 3 defences ,  they took  6 clean intercepts and this certainly gave 'Cote' their first advantage to increase their lead. This they did with confidence and with Cook controlling well at Centre, and Vaughan again finding some perfect feeds in, Hucclecote stormed this quarter taking it to 40-29.

With team confidence lifted, Coach Gilly Salter made one final change bringing Sammi Perry back on to WD.  The defence unit once more turned 6 clean intercepts but tiredness in bringing the ball through court showed, with any errors made, penalised by Leeds who deserve credit for such a great performance.  However the victory went to Hucclecote with the final score being 51-39 giving them their first victory this season.

Individually, their were some great performances out on the court during each quarter, with every single player displaying some great netball on the day.  Player of the Match was given to Captain Jacqueline Gabriel for a great return to the court after several months out, particularly for her second half performance where she demonstrated great skill and used her experience to 'Cote's advantage.

Squad:  R. Allison, G. Gray,O. Beveridge, S Cook, B. Vaughan, S. Adams, J. Gabriel, S. Perry, R. Allison

Team Bench:  G. Salter, S. Wainwright and B. Warburton