With Huccecote facing newly promoted Leyton from Essex, and with Leyton having had some close results Hucclecote new they could not under estimate this new and up and coming side.

An unfortunate injury saw one of the Premier umpires allocated on the day unable to take the court.  Therefore an urgent call was put out to Emma McKenzie (a young 21 old who umpired at the FENA competition earlier this year) to step into to help alongside Premier Umpire Kate Stephenson (another young 22 year old) .

Mentally prepared, Hucclecote dominated from the outset setting the pace with the defence unit of Barrett, Perry and Gabriel (Capt) dominating form the outset.   Allison was on song and netted 13/14 shots, helping to give Hucclecote a 14-8 goal lead. 

Leyton proved tough opposition and stuck to the task with stalwart and England legend Fiona Murtagh working hard throughout.  However, Allison continued with her consistency and strength of positioning and with  Beveridge feeding well and netting 100% herself in the second quarter enabled Hucclecote to build on their lead to 28-14 at half time.  Both of the young umpires did well, maintaining the flow and speed of the game and certainly look to have great umpiring futures.

With a squad of 9 , Coach Gilly Salter was able to rotate the players through their units and managed to get everyone on for  3/4's of the game.  Hucclecote at times played some stunning netball, which was quick paced and had the home spectators on the edge of their seats.  Both Vaughan and Adams placed some great balls through court and into the shooting circle and no matter what line-up was on, all 7 players on court worked hard to maintain the rythm.  With Allison rested for the 3rd period Hucclecote's shooting circle saw Gray and Beveridge back together and with Cook, Gabriel and Perry now at the back, they too looked slick turning over ball , putting Leyton under huge shooting pressure.  Leyton ony managed to score 4 attemps in this period leaving Hucclecote 39-18 up going into the final 15.

With Allison back on producing a show case display netting an overall total of 92%, Hucclecote continued to shine with another new look line up with Sam P out on WD and Barrett back to GK.  Some oustanding interceptions once again from the back end helped to secure the all important win for Hucclecote with Allison taking  the named Player of the Match.

Although the final result of 53-22 was a good margin,  Hucclecote know they still have much to work on to retain the ball to take it to goal.  However, with 2 wins out of 3, this is another positive start in the seasonal Premiership calendar placing them in a great 3rd place position in the Premiership.

Squad:  R. Allison, O. Beveridge, G. Gray, B. Vaughan, S. Cook, S. Adams, J. Gabriel (Capt), S. Perry, R. Barrett.

Thanks to  Sue Wainwright, Barbara Warburton and Lesley Thomas for their support on the bench and scoring table.