A slightly depleted squad gave Rachel Price & Holly Walker the opportunity to move up from Lightning, one which they both embraced with enthusiasm!

Price teaming up with Charlotte Olley in the shooting circle soon settled & began to demonstrate her flair & shooting accuracy converting 17/23 shots.

Holly Walker first at WD then at Centre also showed she could step up a gear & adapt to the players around her.

Although the scoreline was fairly close during the first half, it was during the 3rd quarter that Hurricanes really went into top gear scoring 18 goals to Rednocks 4! At the back Hannah Brewer & Tonia Donaghue's partnership continues to improve, with both taking numerous intercepts & rebounds.

Donaghue was particularly in sparkling form which gained her player of the match.

The final 15, complacency crept in, allowing Rednock to slightly close the 16 goal gap established. However a 15 goal victory was enough to keep Hurricanes on top of Div 1.


Squad; Charlotte Olley, Kate Nicholls, Rachel Price, Jess New, Holly Walker, Sam Hogg, Tonia Donaghue & Hannah Brewer.

Shooting Stats - Olley - 27/37  Nicholls - 1/3   Price - 17/23