Lightning had a disappointing game against Rednock, never really getting into their stride till the final quarter. By then it was too little too late!

The first quarter Lightnings attack struggled to find space due to the tight man to man marking by Rednock. Feeds into shooters Burgess & Price, normally so easy, were tipped & intercepted by Rednocks defence.

Defencively, Lightning turned ball, but errors through court denied the shooters of many opportunities to score.

As the game progressed, Rednocks shooters grew in confidence & began to convert with ease.

It was only in the final 15 mins that Lightning began to produce play they are capable of, drawing the quarter, but by then the game had been lost.

Well done to Alix Mathews on her debut in Div 1.

Squad; Wendy Burgess 14/15. Millie Price 16/30. Kat Honeywill, Alix Mathews, Becky Cambell, Jo Hutchings, Meg Suddaby & Lizza Mitchell.