A great win to start the season with a resonably high goal difference. It took time for the team to settle in the first quarter, there were a number of mistakes made across the court but they stayed 2 points up before the whistle blew to end the quarter. The team only had 7 players and the third quarter saw an injury to Laura at GD but she showed a huge amount of determination by continuing to play (and hobble!) right the way through to the final whistle.

Shooting duo Stella and Wendy shot very well today and we also welcomed back Claire Nowacki in to the defending circle.

A good start for the first match of the season.

Squad: Stella Ben Hania (cap) WEndt Burgess, Kat Honeywell, Becky Mogg, Phillipia Lord, Larua Wilkes, Claire Nowacki.
Coach: Liz Banyard