Storm saw a changed squad this week some players had hardly played together but they managed to bond well but a few mistakes forced them to trail by 4 in the first quarter.

The second quarter saw some changes in the line up for the attackers Stella & Iona in the shooting circle which didnít really favour them and the goals still struggled to get into the net.

The third quarter approached and Granny Banyard took the side line so the team knew no errors would be accepted. The team tried their best but the extremely blocky defence of Churchdown still managed to break down the shooting circle and the difference in score was still unchanged.

The fourth quarter the whole team all really went out wanting the win. The defence of Chrissie and Meg made numerous interceptions and the centre court Becky, Mia and Hannah bought the ball down court with ease.  Kat came into the circle for the first time in the game and really managed to disturb the opposition. With Stella and Liz giving great support (very loud) from the side line the team managed to score of their centre passes and take the game with the final score being 32 -47

A great effort today well played to all the team J

Squad: Stella (capt), Iona, Kat, Becky, Mia, Hannah, Meg and Chrissie