With a number of regular players missing today, Storm struggled to move the ball fluently through court. Until half time, Storm stayed with Ladies, but with their shooters netting consistently, it was difficult to stay in touch with them during the final 15minutes, as every error was punished with a goal.

Claire Nowacki & Chrissie Jackson worked tirelessly in the circle, but with Ladies shooters missing only 7 shots over the hour, didn't have many rebounding opportunities!

With Becky Mogg unavailable, all 3 mid court players had time at Centre, Meg Suddaby, Olivia Dickon & Mia Aylett, but whichever combination, the fluency was lacking. With Laura Wilks & Hannah Jones sharing WD, Storm couldn't quite close the deficit.

There were some nice movements & shooting by Ben Hania, Dickon & Suddaby, particularly considering this was the first time they had played together!

The final scoreline of 28-41, slightly flattered the opposition, as Storm only lost touch in the final quarter.

Squad; Stells Benhania (CAPT) Olivia Dickon, Mia Aylett, Meg Suddaby, Laura Wilks, Hannah Jones, Chrissie Jackson & Claire Nowacki.

Player of the match;Meg Suddaby