From the outset, Lyndeans shooting accuracy established an early lead, converting 10/12 to Storms 3/7.

During the 2nd quarter, newly promoted Maisie Simmonds, began to gain confidence & with the feeds more accurately placed, netted 9/10 attempts.

At the other end, GK Clare Nawacki & GD Eleri Sewell worked tirelessly to deny Lyndeans shooters, but nothing seemed to unsettle the GS who converted 13/14 in the 2nd quarter alone!

It was through court that Storm seemed to struggle, losing much possession through handling & passing errors.

Maisie Simmonds continued to dominate the shooting circle for Storm, in all scoring 30/39 attempts. Once C Becky Mogg found the range, she put in some precision feeds, beating Lyndeans defence with ease.

Another youngster making her debut at this level, 15 year old Becky Campbell, showed she has tremendous potential at this level & beyond.

A 10 goal loss was disappointing, but with Storms shooters not getting many opportunities & Lyndeans in sparkling form, it wasn't a suprise.

Squad; Maisie Simmonds, Stella Ben Hania, Emily David, Becky Mogg, Mia Aylett, Eleri Sewell, Clare Nawacki, Ches Smart, Hannah Jones, Becky Campbell.

Player of the Match; Becky Mogg & Eleri Sewell.