Storm managed to cling on to win this match with Cleeve Fillies by a single goal, in a nail biting final few minutes!

It was a very different looking Fillies team, from the one Storm had met earlier in the season and won quite comfortably. However, Storm took an early lead 12-8 in this game, partly due to the accuracy of youngster Maisie Simmonds, netting 10/13 attempts in the first quarter. More pressure from Fillies throughout the court during the 2nd quarter saw Storm make numerous un forced errors allowing them back into contention. It was in fact only the turnover rate at the back by Chrissie Jackson & Lydia Jones, that kept Storm in touch.

During the 3rd 15mins with Hollie Durden replacing Capt Stella Ben Hania & some precision feeds into Simmonds by Gemma Lott & Becky Mogg, Storm just edged ahead. Equally accurate shooting by the Fillies shooter kept the scores level by 3/4 time and anyones game going into the final period.

Ben Hania coming back into the shooting circle, with Durden moving to WA & Lott into the Centre for the last quarter did just enough to give Storm the advantage and win by the smallest of margins!

Shooting Stats - Simmonds 31/36 Ben Hania 9/11 Durden 3/3

Player of the match - Maisie Simmonds