Storm had to dig deep to win this match v Rednock, only ever being a couple of goals ahead until the final 5 minutes!

With Gemma Lott still out with injury, it fell to Emily David, herself carrying a niggling calf injury, Becky Mogg & Hollie Durden to keep the shooters supplied with ball.

Rednocks defence couldn't cope with the height of GS Maisie Simmonds, often causing contact, & with precision feeds from Stella Ben Hania at GA, Simmonds netted 25/39 attempts.

Mia Aylett at WD marked her WA doggedly, chasing & picking up a number of loose balls.

The movement of the Rednock shooters made life difficult for Chrissie Jackson, Ches Smart & Laura Wilks in defence, but a couple of crucial intercepts proved to be the turning point, allowing Storm to edge ahead.

Storms error rate through court was unusually high, which gave possession to Rednock allowing  them to stay in contention.

Having a 3 goal advantage going into the final quarter, Storm kept their composure, netting 13/18 to Rednocks 11/14.

Squad; Maisie Simmonds, Stella Ben Hania, Emily David, Hollie Durden, Becky Mogg, Mia Aylett,, Laura Wilks, Ches Smart, Chrissie Jackson.

Shooting Stats; Simmonds 25/39 Ben Hania 18/31

Player of the Match; Mia Aylett