Regional Tournament at Bath


The day consisted of 4 matches in the group round followed by 2 matches in the play off positions, all games consisted of 8 minutes each way. 

The squad was:  Hannah Faulkner, Maxine Powell, Helen Werrell, Emma McKenzie, Kate Nicholls, Arnie Brown, Kayleigh Garbett-Roberts, Lucy Werrell and Fliss Phillips.

Most of the squad had played and trained together, with a few exceptions but throughout all the tournament whoever was put on court played their best. 

Bís V Pinehurst  14-7  Good start to the tournament team slowing getting used to each other, good passing through court, and good shooting throughout.

Bís V Raychem 10-9 The team had the potential to win this match as the main reason for the loss was pour passing in the attacking third.  Throughout the match the whole team worked hard to keep the score that close.

Bís V Exeter A 10-10 Good performance as were behind through the match and worked hard to bring the score back to a draw.  

Bís V Bournemouth 8-5 Another strong team performance.

Between these four matches and the last 2 there was the outcome of each group performance, hucclecote B were 2 points off being the top of their group.  Due to this the next matches were to play for fourth, fifth and sixth. 

Bís V Plymouth Marjon 14-7 This was a hard match to work seem as the team were off for 3 matches before this one. Though it took a while to get into the game still came off with a good win.

Bís V Saints 14-12 First half played very well giving ourselves a 8 goal lead, then fatigue which had slowly been gaining on us and a good change for their team meant them pulling back the score.

Hucclecote ended the tournament 4th overall.