Hucclecote A vs. Roman Glass                    12/09/10

A new line-up for the Regional A squad took the court with a positive attitude and lots of determination.  However it was Roman Glass who made the first impact and took an early lead.  Hucclecote responded with some good passages of play but also a number of unforced errors.   Joll called time for illness and left the court and this saw a reshuffle in the attack with Bedford moving to WA and Ifill taking the C bib.  This seemed to have a bit of an impact and Hucclecote kept within reaching distance of narrowing score but failed to capitalise on all their opportunities.  Roman Glass led at the break 14-9.

Making her debut at this level Smith took the court at WD and worked tirelessly to put with Roman Glass WA under pressure.  The defensive unit of Richards (GK) and Crawford (GD) seemed tighter in the quarter also and opened up some more opportunities for the attack.  When the ball was moved at speed Hucclecote looked inspiring but this was inconsistent and while the gap was narrowed Roman Glass still had the upper hand and led at half time 23-19.

With Bedford rested and Joll returning to the court at WA Hucclecote fought hard to keep themselves in contention.  Again some great phases through court looked like Hucclecote could take the lead but errors and tiredness kept them from capitalising on every opportunity.  Some accurate shooting from captain Dowle (GA) and Banyard (GS) kept Hucclecote’s hopes alive trailing by just 1 at the end of the quarter 30-31.

Some final changes by Coach Banyard in the final quarter saw Joll once again rested and Bedford back on at WA and Pratten returning to WD.  With instruction to pressurise the ball Hucclecote looked like they would take the lead instantly, and despite drawing level a number of times they never managed that extra goal to dominate.  The determination to win though held strong and despite some tough umpiring calls Hucclecote maintained their composure and kept going, with the score going goal for goal.  It was only in the dying seconds that Dowle netted the most crucial shot of the game which saw Hucclecote emerge victorious 40-39.