41-40 Cornwall Saints Vs Hucclecote

After the long exhausting journey down to Truro, we had an hour to get ourselves properly warmed-up and mentally prepared. Having all of our regular shooting circle missing for various reasons, we had to draw upon the Regional B team to help strengthen our squad. Therefore we asked Garton and Edwards made their debut at this level.  They all did an outstanding job and each contributed something different to the game.

In the first quarter it was a very contested match, with each team fighting for every point. We had managed to maintain a small lead for a while but Saints were close on our trail and fought back to win that quarter by three goals.

In the second quarter the line up remained the same to provide more consistency and to allow everyone to get used to playing with each other.  Sadly Ifill had to leave the court due to illness and this saw Bedford move across to C and Pratten take the WA bib.  This combination didnít hinder the team at all if anything it strengthened the team with Prattenís fast pace and quick release.  Garbett- Roberts took some great interceptions and the young shooting duo produced some good displays but unfortunately our error rate in the second quarter meant that we were down by six goals.

At half time some much needed words of wisdom came from our coach/captain for the day Bedford to help us refocus and take responsibility for our own mistakes. In the third quarter we managed to pull back within three goals. Brooks took some interceptions but struggled to dominate her WA.

Going into the last quarter Bonah made her debut for Hucclecote against her old club side at GK and Smith came on as WD this really changed the dynamics of the team and allowed us to dominate Saints and get within one goal. As we about to take our centre the final whistle blew and we knew Saints had beaten us by one goal. It was a very contested game and both teams played extremely well, it was just frustrating to lose by one goal, however we look forward to see them again at home.


Player of the match Kayleigh Garbett-Roberts.