On Sunday we made our way down to Exeter, which in the past has always been a tough match and today was going to be no different.  The first quarter saw a highly contested game with Exeter taking the lead early on.

With Banyard feeling under the weather and Dowle carrying injury Taylor was brought on to start the 2nd qtr. With Taylor and Dowle in the shooting circle we started to pull back some goals. The 2nd qtr started to show cracks in the umpiring and some controversial decisions being given, and our defence being pulled for everything.

3rd qtr saw some more changes with Iffil moving to WA, Brooks to C, and Pratten on at WD. 3rd qtr was highly contested and in places we played fluently and with precision but too many mistakes and too many umpiring errors allowed Exeter to take the lead going into the 4th quarter.

 4th qtr saw the 2nd qtr line up return with Joll back on at WA, Iffil as C and Brooks as WD; these changes were hindered by the bad umpiring and often decisions went against us. The Exeter defence were relentless in their talking/shouting whilst our shooters were shooting.

The game today was not our best match, in places we needed to play better but I believe we also needed different umpires in order to allow the match to be fair! Final score was 37-34! Very disappointing but we all ready for the re-match!

Squad: M. Dowle, C. Taylor, P. Banyard, A. Joll, M. Iffil, L. Brooks, H. Pratten, C. Richards, K. Garbett-Roberts, C. Bedford (inj)

Player of the match C Taylor