A fantastic final 15 minutes by Hucclecote saw them claw back an 8 goal deficit to loose by only 3.

Hucclecote trailed by 8 goals after the first quarter, mainly due to the outstanding shooting from Exeter, who netted 15 from 16 attempts.

Through court, play was even, with both teams moving the ball with speed. It was only in the finish that Exeter had the edge. During the 2nd & 3rd quarters, Hucclecote, even with team changes, maintained their play, with goals scored matching the oppositions tally.

Going into the final quarter, still training by 8, Hucclecote chipped away at Exeters lead goal by goal! In an exciting last few minutes, with Exeter being forced into making errors, Hucclecote almost pulled off an amazing turn around.  The final quarter was won by Hucclecote 13 goals to 6!

This was a great squad effort & if they hadn't left so much to do in the last 15, could have been a victory, however the extra point may be invaluable in determining the final league placings.

Squad; Flo Edwards, Maxine Powell( capt) Kate Nicholls, Helen Werrell, Hannah Faulkner, Emma McKensie, Arnie Brown, Lucy Smith, Lucy Werrell, Nicole Goddard, Fliss Phillips.

Player of the match; Fliss Phillips & Kate Nicholls.