Regional A vs. Galmington (7th November 2010)

The first quarter saw a slow start to both teams, it was goal for goal, and no team seemed to be making it clear who was on top.  With missed shots at both ends, everyone was on the defence at all times.  Once Hucclecote got into the swing they were slowly pulling away from Galmington, with Polly and Michelle’s shooting accuracy improved from the start.  Some good feeds into the two from Caroline and Michaela showed just why Hucclecote are on top in the league. 

The second quarter began very strong with both Hucclecote’s attack and defence working 100% and as a complete team.  Galmington changed their attacking players, but this did not seem to improve their game and Hucclecote made light work of it with Claire intercepting some high feeds into the circle effortlessly.  Once in the flow of things, the team was disrupted half way through the quarter with Caroline, being contacted and rolling on her ankle, which saw changes into the attack with Anna coming on at WA.  The team did well to keep their lead, and maintain the standard that is expected of Hucclecote.

The third quarter saw some changes for Hucclecote in the defence, with Lauren coming on at WD, who was a great support on the centre third line, backing up the attack.  The lead was gradually increasing, even with some errors in the shooting circle, which saw the defence step up their game.

The last quarter saw Harriet on the WD, and Lauren moving into the GD position, which kept the lead to the final score.  With the ball being played rapidly and accurately up the court to Polly and Michelle. 

Player of The Match: Polly Banyard & Claire Richards

Squad: Polly Banyard; Michelle Dowle; Caroline Bedford; Michaela Ifill, Carly Taylor; Anna Joll; Harriet Pratten; Lauren Brooks; Kayleigh Garbett-Richards; Claire Richards