Huccclecote A had a long journey down to Plymouth to take on the team who currently sit 2nd in the table. We knew the game would be physical from the start (this was the team that broke Jane’s ribs!) but we had a positive attitude throughout the journey and during our warm-up.


The starting line-up saw Banyard at GS, captain Dowle at GA, Bedford at WA, Ifill at C, Taylor at WD, Garbett-Roberts at GD and Bonar at GK.  The game was fast flowing from the start with goals being scored at both ends. Errors started to creep in throughout the court from Hucclecote, allowing Pilgrims to take advantage of this by gaining a two goal lead. The score at quarter time was 9-7 to Plymouth Pilgrims.


Changes to the line-up at quarter time saw Joll come on at WA, and Garbett-Roberts and Bonar to GK and GD respectively. The team went out with determination to pull back the lead. Ifill made some fantastic and crucial interceptions which Banyard converted with finesse and ease. The gap between the scores was ever decreasing and Hucclecote grew in confidence as the quarter went on. A whole team effort ensured that at half time the score was in Hucclecote’s favour with 17 goals to 14.


Going into the third quarter, Pratten came on at WD and Bedford came on at C.  Hucclecote went out ready to battle on to keep their lead. The quarter started well with Hucclecote increasing their lead to 5 goals, however errors started occurring particularly with poor passing and decision making.  Pilgrims jumped at the chance to claw back using their accurate shooters to good effect to see the scores level within 7 minutes. Hucclecote’s defence of Garbett-Roberts and Bonar worked tirelessly to turn over the ball but unfortunately this wasn’t enough. The umpiring did not seem to be in our favour particularly in the defensive circle and at the other end shots did not want to go in the net. Unfortunately Pilgrims took a 3 goal lead at three quarter time.


The final quarter saw yet more changes with Ifill on at C and Taylor on at WA, and Garbett-Roberts and Bonar reverting back to GD and GK respectively. The team started well and fought all the way to the final whistle but could not catch up with Pilgrims who managed to hold on to their lead. The final score was 42-38 to Plymouth Pilgrims.


Overall Hucclecote knew that too many errors throughout the court and own personal mistakes lost us the game, however we have lots to work on and next time the score will most definitely read in our favour!


Thank you to Sarah Bonar for stepping in for Richards (away at PGL camp!) and certainly proving her place within the squad.


Players of the match: Michaela Ifill and Polly Banyard


Squad: Polly Banyard, Michelle Dowle (captain), Caroline Bedford, Anna Joll, Michaela Ifill, Carly Taylor, Harriet Pratten, Kayleigh Garbett-Roberts and Sarah Bonar.