Oh sooooo close! For 50 minutes of the game, Hucclecote were in there, threatening the biggest upset of the season, a win against the team in the top spot at the moment.

Roman Glass got off to the better start, with the GA in dominant form, netting 11/12. Hucclecote seemed a bit slow to get into the game in these first 15minutes & found themselves 7 goals down.

During the 2nd quarter, Hucclecote really stepped up a gear. Helen Werrell having to leave the court injured was replaced by Emma McKensie at C. This switch along with some great defensive turnovers by Fliss Phillips at WD, & Lucy Werrell & Sarah Bonar in the circle, allowed Hucclecote to close down the 7 goal lead. With scores level at half time it was still all to go for.

With shooters Flo Edwards & Maxine Powell, finding their form, netting 11/13 between them, the 3rd quarter went goal for goal with centre passes.

Kate Nicholls at WA had one of her best games, driving & re offering to support the shooters.

With the attacking trio, McKensie, Nicholls & Powell, moving the ball at speed, but building the attack patiently, Roman Glass began to look nervous, making errors & questioning umpiring decisions.

Taking the court for the final 15minutes trailing by only 1 goal, Hucclecote knew a win was within their grasp. With Werrell & Bonar turning the ball 7 times in the final quarter, Hucclecote had the possession to take the lead, but handling errors through court & missed shots crept in, allowing Roman Glass to edge ahead. Once in the lead, their experience & shooting accuracy ( 12/13) gave Roman Glass the edge to take the match 48-41.

This was a great performance by Hucclecote, against a much more experienced team who are contesting for a place at the top of the table. When we can keep our own ball & convert, we will certainly start winning. We have 3 games left girls to do it!

Squad; Flo Edwards, Maxine Powell ( capt) Kate Nicholls, Helen Werrell, Fliss Phillips, Lucy Werrell, Sarah Bonar, Emma McKensie, Nicole Goddard, Charlotte Olley.

Shooting Stats; Edwards 27/41    Powell 13/21

Player of the match; Sarah Bonar & Kate Nicholls.