Oh what a long way to go to loose! Once again Reg B were in contention for most of the game & let it slip in the final 15mins.

It was in fact Hucclecote that made the best start, leading Cornwall 6-2 in the first 10 mins through some timely intercepts by Caroline Crawford at GK. Saints came back into the game in the final minutes however to lead 12-14 at the first interval.

The attack found it difficult to penetrate the final third to find Flo Edwards who was struggling with a strained back, so Hannah Jeavons found herself having to work much more outside the circle.

When the attack, Kate Nicholls & Lucy Smith were patient bringing the ball to the circle edge, some great feeds were put in & converted.

Fliss Phillips & Helen Werrel worked tirelessly defencively, but it was increasingly difficult to stop the feed into Saints GS, Emily Yates, who had a clear height advantage. In the 2nd & 3rd quarter alone she netted 19/22.

At half time, trailing by 6, changes in the line up were made. With a squad of only 8, there weren't many options to work with!

Meg Suddaby, who had offered to come as the 8th player, came on at GK, making her debut at Regional level. Moving the defence unit forward, Crawford to GD & Phillips to WD, had an immediate effect, with Suddaby & Crawford turning the ball cleanly 7 times in this quarter.

Hucclecote clawed back the deficit & even took the lead by a goal! However once again, errors in the attack through poor decision making & missed shots let the game slip away in the final quarter.

In parts there was some great netball, by in the main a very young squad, but until we can retain & convert our own ball, results will always go against us.

Squad; Flo Edwards 28/43. Hannah Jeavons 15/23. Kate Nicholls, Lucy Smith, Helen Werrell, Fliss Phillips, Caroline Crawford, Meg Suddaby.

Player of the Match; Meg Suddaby on a fantastic debut!