After travelling all the way to Bentham on one of the hottest days of the year so far, we saw our opposition in Blue and white, mentaly preparing for the tough game ahead. We knew it was going to be a tough match but with spirits high, enthusiasm was felt all around!

The starting line up was named as: Max GS, Hannah GA, Kate WA, Emma C, Helen WD, Fliss GD and Harry GK. These finely tuned athletes took to the court ready for the fight v Plymouth Pilgrims. The whistle went, so the battle commenced. Various iffy passes in our centre court meant that Plymouth snapped up the lead early on in the game. However, fab shooting the quarter was seen from our youngest player on court, Hannah, who netted 4/5. Having strong leg muscles meant that Harry could get rebounds from Plymouths missed shots meaning we could try and get back up and equal with them. The end of the first quarter left us at 8-14 down.

The second quarter saw Holly Walker take to the court at WD, making her debut at regional. Although no intercepts were taken, various balls were tipped and turned over from this teenage talent, and her presence was strongly felt in the attacking phases of the rest of the game. The game felt rather rushed towards the end of this quarter in the attack, so with her experience, Max took some control and did various one-twos with Helen and Emma. This meant it was slowed down so more attempts could be made by our shooters.

Well well well ... when half time was called, it was clearly visible that the heat in the pressurised dome was taking its toll on our athleteís healthy lungs. Nevertheless they battled on into the third quarter with a score of 22-16. We were only within 6!!

With fresh legs on at GD with Hannah, the game started. It became physically tough as Plymouth were also bowing to the heat. This meant their attack became tired and with our new defensive line up, their GA was blown up for various 3 seconds! Whoop whoop!!

Increased steadiness in passing down court allowed the attack to have more opportunity. Unfortunately, the shooters werenít quite on their fab form as normal!

When Fliss came back on at GD, some flying interceptions were taken and tight marking kept the GA at bay. Bringing the ball out in the 4th quarter from our defence we struggled with. Tight marking was seen from their defence so even more work had to be injected to allow us to bring it down to our attack. It was such a sunny that we just didnít quite have enough in us to do so, but a MASSIVE congrats to everyone for playing on such a hot day! And to those who made their debut at this level! Hope everyone had a speedy recovery tanning in the sun!

Love the best primary carer in the world!

Shooting : Hannah 55 %, Max 52.6 %