A v Bís

It was a coldish evening after a day filled with breeze, rain and sunshine when this clash of the year took place. As both teams gathered one could see this was turning out to be tough match!

From the sideline, one could see growing tension between both squads as they warmed up on opposite courts. Lucy and Helen puffing their chest and sizing up the free range Aís. This was quickly becoming a tense game, and the players were yet to step on court.

The first to do so, Bibbed in white was Charlotte Olley GS, Maxine Powell GA, Kate Nicholls WA, Emma Mackenzie C, Felecity Phillips WD, Caroline Crawford GD and Harry (Iím so sorry I donít know your last name!! J) at GK. The Bís were ready to peck!

Regional A, crawl, quivering at the knees onto court with the line up as Pollyanna Banyard GS, Michelle Dowle GA, Harriet Pratten WA, C-Dawwwggg the Birthday Girl (lady) C, Carly Taylor WD, Kayleigh Roberts GD and Claire Richards GK.

Well, well, well...when the whistle blew, the feathers flew!  Shooting was top tip by the incredible charlotte olley ! It looked as natural as a chicken pecking corn. SHE WAS ON FIREEE!!! And Kate Nicholls, her steadiness in the attack calmed the excited Maxine Powell and Emma Mackenzie so they could pass the ball incredibly accurately straight into the D.

The Aís looked perhaps more nervous as they could see the win slip through their fingers. After a quiet word from the Great Elizabeth Barn Yard after the 1st quarter had ceased, they found there shields and swords and were now ready to protect their title. Rico and Kayleigh may as well have been flying they were picking up that much ball (obviously hadnít had their wings clipped). Not to forget C-dawg who even managed to sneak a few clean intercepts but unfortunately got pulled up for fowl play!

Slowly, the Aís started to claw back at the Bís. But o no. The Bís were in no way planning to give them this game. Determination was seen throughout their defence from Fliss, Caroline and Harry. Their bodies were flying about as if they were Battery Hens ready to break free. They could feel the win within them. Or was it just an egg?

Disastrously, in the second half of the game, the Aís had regained their lead, their honour and their self-pride. But nevertheless, the Bís remained spunky throughout, showing they were in no way giving the unfortunate defeat to the Aís. The Bís mother hen Waino gathered her brood at 3 quarters time, trying to hatch a new plan. This was to encourage them to keepp laying. But under severe pressure from the Aís, it cracked.

Player of the match was a tight decision. Many candidates were discussed in depth. Kate Nicholls for her steadiness. Kayleigh and Rico for their awesome defence. Lucy Smith for playing still exhausted from gaining gold at BCS. C-dawg for playing on her Birthday ( I hope your ate lots of coup cakes! Hehe). Caroline for playing her last match with us.  But the verdict was settled. The layer of the match: Arnikah Brown.

Love your primary carer! x

Ps, the score was 41-28!

Regional A:

Michelle Dowle, Caroline Bedford, Harriet Pratten, Polly Banyard, Carly Taylor, Kayleigh Roberts, Claire Richards, Tonia Donoghue.

Regional B:

Lucy Smith, Maxine Powell, Hannah Jeavons, Charlotte Olley, Emma Mackenzie, Helen Werrell, Harry, Fliss Phillips, Caroline Crawford, Kate Nicholls


J J J I hope to see you all on Presentation Evening!! J J J