Hucclecote Lightning V Cheltenham Ladies (0-19)
This was the first round of the Bateman which saw Lightening taking on Cheltenham Ladies and with a deficit of 19 goals to make up, this was always going to be a game where goals counted. With a good start of excellent defending by Jo, Megan and Laura and converting of goals by Rachel and Wendy saw them make up the deficit by six. Cheltenham Ladies then put the pressure on to our defence and although we were converting our goals we couldn't break down Cheltenham Ladies shooters. there was some excellent play and feeds into our shooters by Holly and Sarah and a change in the defence saw Lizza go into GK and Eleri on at WD and this saw lightning get within six goals going into the last quarter. With a few mistakes of poor passing and players not setting penalties saw Cheltenham Ladies take advantage and finally winning the game 42-41. This was a great effort by the lightning squad and there is a chance they may go through as best runners up.