Hucclecote v Old Chelts                               Won 51-19

It was very exciting to get our regional campaign underway at last! The first quarter was a closely contested one with both teams playing steadily. In defence Alix, Millie and Tegen were outstanding with 9 tips and 3 interceptions keeping Old Chelts down to 5 goals. Quarter score was 8-5. In the 2nd quarter Old Chelts lost their GD to injury and Hannah and Becky were able to capitalise on the changes (only missing 3 shots) and we pulled ahead to lead 21-11 at half time. In the 2nd quarter Grace was outstanding at WD regularly turning ball in the centre third. In the second half we really moved up a gear and a special mention should go to the defence of Alix, Millie, Grace, Georgia  and Tegen who had a huge number of tips and interceptions. In addition Hannah finished the match with 10/10 in the last quarter. A great start to the league and a confidence boost.


Kellie 17/27         60%
Becky 9/12          75%
Hannah 25/28    89%

Alix                         10xT       5xI
Tegen                   4xT         3xI
Grace                    12xT       5xI
Millie                     11xT       1xI
Georgia                                6xT         3xI

Players of Match
Defence and Hannah with 89% (we need this every match from all our shooters!!!)