Regional League v Team Bath Blues and Yellows                13th February


Both these Bath teams arrived looking extremely smart and well drilled but as usual first impressions did not count for much. Team Bath Blues (Avon 2nd team) were despatched 59-25 whilst Old Chelts did us a favour by beating Team Bath Yellows on the adjoining court. Team Bath Yellows were clearly upset by this defeat and we were able to capitalise on their unsettled mood when we then dispatched them too, by 60-27.


All the whole squad played very well today and were complimented by the Bath coaches for their speed and skill. They were amazed we had lost to Lawn!!


v Blues                                                v Yellows


Kellie               33/42   78%                 24/30   80%

Hannah            16/20   80%                 25/37   67%

Bex                  10/14   71%                 11/18   61%



Players of match:

Becky Brunt who brings out the best and instils confidence in both Kellie and Hannah.

Lydia and Jess who despite being attacking players had 9 tips and  5 interceptions between them.



Tegen, Millie, Alix, Georgia, Grace, Lydia, Hannah, Kellie, Bex and Jess