Hucclecote vrs New Campbell  9th October 2011  Score 40-42

Hucclecote had a bad start to the week leading up to this fixture, which saw the squad losing 5 of their premier players to injury and unavailability. Hucclecote had to call upon a number of regional players to step-up for this fixture; the squad was: Sam Perry, Jackie Gabriel, Hannah Thompson, Kerry Walsh, Neala Brennan, Gemma Gray, Lydia Hallbrook and Michelle Dowle. Hallbrook (17yrs) and Thompson were making their debuts in the Hucclecote starting line-ups.

The first quarter saw New Campbell get off to a flying start, taking a four goal lead before Hucclecote were able to score their first goal. The New Campbell GA was able to dominate and took the majority of the shots after some quick play down court by the rest of her team mates.  The netball that Hucclecote played seemed far too frantic and the early New Campbell intensity was having a negative effect on the team. Hucclecote went into the second quarter 13-8 down.

The second quarter saw Hucclecote respond, better defence led to more controlled attacks and the team began to find Hallbrook and Gray in the shooting circle. Play down court began to take shape and Brennan played with composure and control pushing the attack up court and linking well with Walsh. This was a far better quarter with Hucclecote showing the potential that will undoubtedly develop as the season progresses. A fine display of netball saw Hucclecote go into the second half all square.

The third quarter saw New Campbell make a number of changes, they changed their defensive circle line up, who were allowed to play far more aggressive by the umpire. The New Campbell GA continued to play well and showed why she is able to play with a successful Surrey Super league team. Thompson was able to show good periods of defence and helped Hucclecote turnover a number of balls to start the Hucclecote attack. A tough third quarter saw New Campbell take a one goal lead into the last quarter.

Hucclecote followed a similar pattern to the 1st and 3rd quarter where we allowed New Campbell to take an early lead, leaving the team a tough task to pull back the goals. New Campbell took an early three goal lead. Hucclecote showed determination and at one stage levelled the game. Hucclecote were always coming from behind and continually trying to play catch-up. Dowle had come on as WA and showed good strength on court linking well in the attack. Hucclecote could not be faulted for their drive and commitment and they continued to fight until the very last whistle, Gabriel fought continuously and again showed a captains grit and determination throughout. The club should be proud of the Prem teams’ effort that eventually lost a close game by just two goals.

New Campbell were able to boast a number of recent  Super-League players from Surrey and Mavericks which included Becky Nash (WD, C), Hazel Schofield (GK/GD), Rose Morgan-Smith (C/WA), Gemma Constantino (GA/GS) and Holly Nicholls (WA). It was this experience which proved to be one of the critical elements that determined the result of this game.

Lydia Hallbrook GS 25/39 64%

Gemma Gray      GA 15/28 53.5%     

Player of the Match: Sam Perry

Team Manager – Sue Wainwright              Coach – Carl Hallbrook